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3D panel structure and construction

3D Panel Wall Structure

Foamed polystyrene insulating layer with the thickness of 100m/m in the center, steel wire truss coated with zinc of 3m/m (3.8mm) between the insulating layer is pinned at 2 intervals, at both sides of which forms up at 5cm × 5cm (5cm × 10cm) intervals with the wire mesh coated with zinc of 3m/m (3.8mm) that is at fine-spun 50m (100m) intervals. So the whole points of contact in all steel wires is joined in a spot welding, which is a panel of 2.4m (4m) full length, 1.2m width, 60~200m/m thickness.

At the first time, it will be sprayed or hand plastered on the both sides in a thickness of 7m/m ~10m/m, and finished with first coat and double second coat of 35m/m ~ 30m/m thickness, which produces the structure with the total thickness of 12cm ~ 13cm, the self-load of 120kg/m2, and the strong earthquake proofing.

Construction of 3D Panel Wall System

  • After setting up the fixed metallic materials upon the foundation concrete, the panel is to be in- between stabilized.
  • Tie up the connecting line of #22, every kind of strengthened mesh between concrete and panel, panel and panel.
  • Lay under the ground the essential electrical pipes and all types of arrangements pipe.
  • Finish with the examination to the assemblage, horizontality and verticality, reinforcement and pipe arrangement status.
  • Finish the global body with the first time mechanism of spraying cement mortar, and with the second time hand plastering of skimming coating.
  • It can be finalized with every type of materials in correspondence to its usage like pitching, tiling, marbling, paper hanging, painting.
  • If used for more than second floor building, the construction procedure is like this: 1 assemble the lower part wall, 2 lay down the foundation concrete, 3 assemble the upper part wall, 4 mechanical plastering on the lower part, 5 spraying after laying down the foundation concrete on the upper part.
A 3D panel without foamed polystyrene insulating layer.
3DPBC-01: 3D panel with triangular shape support features high pressure resistance can provide construction solid structure.
A corner of 3D panel with foamed polystyrene insulating layer is placed on the ground.
3DPBC-02: 3D panel with foamed polystyrene insulating layer for wall system.
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