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Galvanized Welded Mesh Panels

Anping No.1 Welded Mesh Panels Factory can offer four types of galvanized welded mesh panels, including welded before galvanized, welded after galvanized, welded before hot-dip galvanized and welded after hot-dip galvanized.

The pitch of three rods is being measures by a caliper.
GWMP-01: Measurement of rod pitch.
The rod diameter is being measured by a electric caliper.
GWMP-02: Measurement of rod diameter.

Galvanized Welded Mesh Panels offer excellent characteristics such as corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, aging resistance, sunshine resistance and weather resistance. Besides this kind of product has flat even surface and strong structure, therefore this product has a long service life.

Many sheets of galvanized welded mesh panel with square holes.
GWMP-03: Galvanized welded mesh panel features corrosion resistance.

No.1 Galvanized Welded Mesh Panels with excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, is extensively used as fencing for buildings and factories, as animal enclosure and fence in agriculture and other uses.
Moreover this kind of product is also used in construction, transport, mine, sports field, lawn and various industrial fields.

For example:

Galvanized welded mesh panel is used as protecting fence and gate in forest.
GWMP-04: Galvanized welded mesh panel for forest protection.
A silver white galvanized gabion box is made of galvanized welded mesh panel.
GWMP-05: Galvanized welded mesh panel for making gabion box.
A corner of galvanized welded mesh panel is used as security fence.
GWMP-06: Heavy duty galvanized welded mesh panel as security fence.

Assortments Available:

In pallets or In bulk. Special package according to customer's request.

Many stacks of galvanized welded mesh panel is packed with plastic film and metal belt.
GWMP-07: The package of galvanized welded mesh panel.
Two stacks of galvanized welded mesh panel are placed in container.
GWMP-08: Galvanized welded mesh panel in container.


Common Specification
Hole Size Diameter of wire Width Length
50 × 50mm 3.5mm 0.5m - 2.4m 1.0m-4.0m
50 × 100mm 3.5mm
100 × 200mm 3.5mm
50 × 75mm 4.0mm
100 × 100mm 4.0mm
50 × 180mm 4.5mm
150 × 150mm 4.5mm
200 × 200mm 5.0mm
100 × 200mm 5.0mm
The form of hole can be divided into rectangle and square. Hole size, diameter of wire, length and width according to the customer’ need to design and produce.

The most popular products and specifications

  • Galvanized wire mesh panels 3" × 3" 3/16 wire, 4" × 4" 1/4 wire, 48", 60", and 72" wide.
  • Rectangular 2" × 1" galvanized welded wire mesh panels.
  • Galvanized wire mesh panels hole size of 100mm × 100mm, wire dia. 4.0mm, panels 4ft in width and 12 foot in height.
  • 4" × 4" galvanized wire mesh panels 96 foot sections about 32" tall.
  • 1 inch by 2 inch hole (rectangle) galvanized Gauge 14 and 16.
  • Galvanized welded wire cloth 1" × 2" rectangular mesh × 14 gauge 60" W × 100 L rolls.
  • Galvanized weld mesh panel size, panel 2440mm × 1220mm, hole size 25mm × 25mm, dia. of wire 2.5mm.
  • Hot galvanized welded wire mesh 5mm thickness, the opening square is 15cm × 15cm and the size is 5.8m × 2.15m.
  • Heavy gauge hot dipped galvanized wire mesh to add to a chain link fence for security to a storage yard.
  • Galv. welded steel wire net mesh size 15cm, wire 4.8mm, 2.2m × 3.5m plate.
  • H.D.Galv. after welding mesh size 20cm, wire 4.5mm, 2.2m × 3.5m plate.
  • Elec.Galv. after welding mesh size 15cm, wire 4.8mm, 2.2m × 3.5m plate.
  • Hot dip galvanized after manufacture, and/or, manufactured from pre-galvanized wire.
    Wire 0.137" hot dip galvanized.
    Mesh size 2" × 2"=50 × 50mm.
    Panel Size 78" high × 20' wide.
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