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Live Animal Traps

Live animal traps are a common product of the welded wire mesh. As supplier and manufacturer of live animal raps, we can varieties of this cages including raccoon traps, squirrel traps, chipmunk traps, skunk traps, coyote traps, fox traps, mink traps, mouse traps. We can manufacture live animal traps according to customers' designs and requirements.

The traps are made by metal wire and sheet, the finish coating include electro-galvanized, hot dipped, powder coated, the coating types are depend on clients' preference. We can produce as per customers' designs and samples.

Cage Trap Features:

  • Pre-assembled and ready to use;
  • Powder coated for longer life;
  • Gravity action door with spring loaded latch;
  • This cage is durable;
  • Shielded handle for safe moving of trap;
  • Easy to bait, set and release;
  • Double meshed around bait area to prevent tripping from outside the trap;
  • Live animal trap of galvanized welded wire mesh offers safely capture troublesome pests without injury.
A live animal trap with opening gate is placed on the ground beside green plants.
LAT-01: Heavy duty live animal trap with smoothed internal edges can service for a long time.
A stainless steel live animal trap with square holes and a chain lock.
LAT-02: Live animal trap with chain lock can avoid live animal escaping.
A stainless steel live animal trap with rectangular holes and an arched shape handle.
LAT-03: Live animal trap with arched shape handle is easy for users holding.

Varieties of Live Animal Cage Traps:

  • Foot pallet Cage Trap available in 16" × 6" × 6", 17.6" × 6.6" × 6.6" 19.2" × 7.2" × 7.2".
    Made of Iron wire. Finishes: Galvanized.
  • Single Door Cage Trap available in 18" × 6 " × 6", 54" × 18" × 18", 72" × 24" × 24".
    Made of Iron wire Galvanized.
  • Pothook Cage Trap available in 11" × 4" × 4", 33" × 14" × 14", 33" × 28" × 28".
    Made of Iron wire Galvanized.
  • Ranger Raccoon Traps For Trapping Raccoon.
    The Raccoon professional cage trap is very durable.
    Sizes and Description:30" × 12" × 11".
    Galvanized wire mesh, steel reinforcements. Professional model, one spring-loaded door.

For trapping of various animals including dog, cat, raccoon, mouse, rats, squirrels, pigeons, foxes and other live animals.

A rectangular live animal trap with a small raccoon inside has a solid door and guard.
LAT-04: Live animal trap with solid door and guard can protect users during transportation.
A rectangular shape live animal trap with a small raccoon has a pan guard on the ground beside green plant.
LAT-05: Live animal trap is perfect for homes, farms, outdoors, etc.
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