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Ripple Welded Mesh Fences

A roll of PVC coated green ripple mesh fence with a section is spread.
RWMF-01: PVC coated green ripple fence in roll.

Ripple welded mesh fences also called Euro welded wire fence, which is used in many fields for its feature. We have the equipment to produce ripple mesh welded wire fences for export. The unique ripple patterns give beautiful fencing.

This fence Materials can be very bright zinc coated galvanized wire or green plastic coated welded wire fabrics. Ripple welded mesh fence.

Surface treatment:
Processing involved includes PVC coated after welding, or electro galvanized only, hot dipped zinc coated.

The fence Feature:
With the feature of flat surface and firm structure, ripple mesh fence offers good strength and excellent property against rust and corrosion. Ripple mesh openings and sizes can be customized to meet your specific fencing needs. Welded ripple mesh fence is quite convenient for installation.

Applications of Welded Ripple Mesh Fence
It plays an important role for the purpose of security as well as decoration in agriculture, industry, transportation, and urban construction, etc.

Some of its major uses are listed as follows:

  • For Security
    Our welded ripple mesh fence is ideal for dispatch areas, lockers, store partitions, window guards, perimeter fencing, and similar barriers against unwelcome intruders.
  • For Building
    Welded ripple mesh fence plays an important part in the construction field where guarding and protecting are two significant factors. Some of its application examples are revealed in the following aspects, such as tree guards, window guards, motor way bridge parapets, and safety guards on scaffold, etc. In addition, with the increasing of vandalism, the welded ripple mesh fence is also of great importance in protection people and property.
  • For Agriculture
    Welded ripple mesh fence has a wide range of application in the agricultural field. For example, it can be used as rearing cages.

We can produce according to the customers requirements.

A roll of euro fence and a half is spread for trying to install a fence.
RWMF-02: Euro fence with rectangular shape post.
A section of green euro fence with triangular shape supporting posts.
RWMF-03: Euro fence with triangular shape supporting posts.
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