Black 358 high security fences are installed outside of garden.

358 High Security Fence

Highest guarder for your properties and privacy.

Dark green double wire fences are installed along the football field.

Double Wire Fence

Strong & Firm for Boundary Security.

A line of curvy wire mesh fences are installed on the roadside.

Curvy Fence Panel

Beautiful and high strength for site security.

A machine is welding the reinforcing mesh.

Standardized Production

Accord with International Standards.

Several dark green curvy fence panels with solid welds and smooth surface.

We Provide High Quality Various Welded Wire Mesh Products and Service

The services we can offer

Advanced equipment.

We have professional and advanced equipment to produce high quality welded wire mesh products.

One-stop purchase.

We provide various welded wire mesh, welded wire fences and accessories. You can tell us what you need and will prepare all.

Good package and transport.

We provide good package and transport conditions to make sure your products can arrive safety and timely.

Excellent after-sales service.

If you have any questions to products, you can contact us anytime. We can help you solve the problems.

The welded wire machine is producing welded wire mesh.

Advanced welded wire machine

A people is measuring the wire diameter of welded wire mesh with ruler.

Strict product inspection

There are several pallets of welded wire mesh panel in the warehouse

Clean and tidy warehouse

Four pallets of welded wire mesh panels in the container.

Perfect Package & Loading

The products we can supply

Welded wire mesh is made of high quality low carbon steel or stainless steel. Our products with galvanized and PVC coated surface treatment have long service life. We have various welded wire mesh products, such as, welded wire mesh panel, welded wire fence, reinforcing mesh and so on.

Welded wire mesh panels contain PVC coated welded mesh panels, stainless steel mesh panels and galvanized mesh panels. We have various specifications to meet your different needs. These kinds of panels all have corrosion resistance and aging resistance. Welded wire mesh panels not only have long service life but also have beautiful appearance. So welded wire mesh panels can be used in industry, agriculture, factory, animal cages, public places and other areas.

Welded wire fences contain curvy fence panel, double wire fence panel, 358 high security fence, welded temporary fence and euro fences. These fences with galvanized or PVC coating has good corrosion resistance and aging resistance. All of these fences with high strength can protect safety of people and property. In addition, our different shape fences not only have high security but also have beautiful appearance. So they can be used in construction site, factory, park, community and other places.

We also have many other welded wire mesh products. To obtain the specifications of each type of welded mesh panel, please click on the products list, and the top navigation pane will help you refine your requirements. From this site, you can find not only welded mesh panel terms and technology information, but also photos and order instruction. Any more, please email us