Double Welded Wire Fencing Panel Assembly and Post

20 km of welded wire fencing panels according to the specifications below:

I. Special requirements for fences - welded panel fences
The fence will be a nominal height of 2.50 m with a RAL 9006 or white RAL 9010.
These elements put in place at the security fence, they are composed of:

  • Welded mesh panels.
  • Welded mesh panels, produced by electric welding galvanized steel wire class C.
  • Height greater than or equal to 2400 mm nominal.
  • Mesh 200 × 50 mm. The tolerances must comply with the requirements of EN 10223-7.
  • Vertical and horizontal wire minimum 5 mm diameter. Tolerances are in accordance with EN 10218-2.
  • Folds 3D horizontal reinforcement panel (minimum 4).
  • Pimples defensive about 30 mm in the upper part.


  • Poles to side rabbets and sealed concrete slots.
  • Poles nominal length of 3200 mm all about 2.50 m.
  • Cap PVC self sealing or blocking UV resistant aluminum.
  • Deflection at 1 m from the ground to seal post: 400 kg.
  • Fixing with metal clips plasticized rendered inviolable by autocassant stainless bolts. The clips will fix the side panels in the rebate posts.

Resistance of the coating panels and posts:

  • Adhesion of polyester according to ASTM D 3359: no detachment of coating over 5 mm.
  • Resistance to salt spray polyester: test according to ISO 9227. After 1000 hours of corrosion may not be visible below the polyester, no loss of adhesion or a distance of more than 10 mm from the incision. The sample shall have no swelling, no cracking or crazing.
  • UV Resistance ASTM G 154: 1000 h, the color difference can not be greater than 3 DE (after 2500 h, maximum 5 DE), and gloss retention must be equal to at least 50% of the original value.
  • Minimum thickness of polyester lining: 150 microns and 100 microns signs on poles.
  • Screws / bolts in stainless steel 304.

Resistance of panels:

  • Tensile strength of wire panels: Min. 500 N/mm².
  • Shear welds son panels: > 50 % of the breaking strength of the wire.
  • The stress tests will be conducted in accordance with test protocol described below.

Resistance of poles:

  • Deflection posts > 400 kg 1 m soil.
  • Failure moment post > 900 kg 1 m soil.
  • Tensile posts: Min. 330 N/mm², yield: Min. 250 N/mm².
  • Minimum inertia module poles (I/V): 14.75 cm3.

Resistance of the panel assembly and post

  • The strength of this set is translated by the maximum allowable forces applied along the panel at 1 meter from the ground.
  • Warranties: 10 year anti-corrosion warranty for all components of the fence.

Double welded wire fence:

  • Welded mesh panels are produce by electrical welding galvanized steel wire "standard C".
  • Nominal height panels: 2400 mm.
  • Mesh panel: 200 × 50 mm (standard EN 10223-7).
  • Vertical and horizontal steel wire: minimum diameter 5 mm (standard EN 10218-2).
  • Horizontal reinforcing ply on the panel (minimum 4).
  • Defensive pin on the upper panel (30 mm height).


  • Width: 2500 mm.
  • Spikes 30 mm on one side of the panels.
  • Can be mounted with the pins in the upper part or lower part.
  • Mesh size: 200 × 50 mm (folds: 100 × 50 mm).
  • steel wire diameter: 5 mm.


  • The panels are made from galvanized steel wire (thickness min. 40 g/m2).
  • They are then laminated with a polyester layer (thickness min. Microns 100) after application of an adhesion layer.

Color request: White RAL 9010 or RAL 9006.

Note: The offer should include all supplies of materials to be incorporated in the structure (poles, wire launches, panels) with a calculation and implementation plan of the fence.

A galvanized double wire fence panel with bright surface.
Galvanized double welded wire fence panel.