Stainless Steel Tie Wire for Fixing Razor Tape Coil

  • High strength lattice post: 4.07 m height, 3 numbers of sections of post strengthened with 40 mm × 3 mm flat diagonal braces.
  • L intel bar: 50 mm × 50 mm × 5 mm angle × 2376 mm length.
  • Mesh panels: 3.3 m height × 2.286 m wide or 3.3 m height × 2.515 m wide.
  • Barbed razor tape coil (960 mm diameter) for a length of 2000 m and stainless steel tie wire on both sides for fixing the the barbed razor tape coil having a total length of 4000 m.
  • Accessories: rocker arm, flat clamp box, flat bracing, wire post, flat diagonal braces, washer plate, angle bracket, bolts, nuts, neoprene, etc and other missing elements shall be included as necessary to install perimeter fence for a length of 2000 m.
  • Standard: compliance to BS EN 1722-10:2006, BS EN10219-1:2006, EN ISO 1461 for hot dip galvanized.
Galvanized concertina razor wire on top of PVC coated dark green welded wire mesh fence by Y shaped crank arm.
Barbed razor tape coil with welded wire mesh as security fence.