Why Welded Gabion Mesh Is So Popular in Various Landscaping?

Recently, many new elements are applied in landscaping. Under the architect's meticulous design, these factors are both attractive and practical. Gabion mesh is a good example in this case.

Gabion, derived from an old Italian word, gabbione, meaning "big cage". Ancient gabion was used to protect the banks of the Nile River about 7000 years ago. In the medieval era, people filled the wicker gabion with the earth as military fortifications. Over thousands of years of development, gabion has already been specified by many landscape contractors and architects for landscaping projects.

The welded gabion mesh is placed on the ground.

Welded gabion mesh

Woven gabion basket is placed on the ground of the factory.

Woven gabion basket

There are mainly 2 types of modern gabion: welded gabion mesh and woven gabion basket. As welded gabion mesh looks neater than woven gabion basket, so it gains a higher popularity among users. Essentially, welded gabion mesh can be thought of the marriage between rocks and metal wire mesh. So why welded gabion mesh is widely used in landscaping projects?

  • Thanks to the flexibility of the mesh panel, welded gabion mesh comes in many different shapes and sizes, and can be filled with natural-looking materials. Except for rocks, it can be filled with used bricks, sands, empty bottles, shells, pine cones to add unique yet natural design elements to any yards.
  • Welded gabion mesh helps to contain soil erosion, and the gaps between rocks create a sound drainage system.
  • Before installing the welded gabion mesh, nearly no excavating or leveling work is required. Besides, the excavated soils can be recycled to reduce labor costs and transportation costs. So, welded gabion mesh landscaping is an economical way for environmental protection.
  • Welded gabion mesh is durable. PVC coated and galvanized surface treatment are employed to provide great corrosion resistance and deliver an expected lifespan ranging from 10 years to 75 years.
  • Once the welded gabion mesh landscaping is fished, almost no additional maintenance is required.
Welded gabion wall is built along the road.

Welded gabion walls

A welded gabion wall is built in the countryside.

Welded gabion house

A welded gabion flower bed is built in the garden.

Welded gabion flower bed

The fire is burning in the welded gabion fireplace.

Welded gabion fireplace

A welded gabion bench is placed at the riverside.

Welded gabion bench

Welded gabion retaining wall filled with woods and bricks

Welded gabion retaining wall

Do you like these welded gabion mesh designs? Will you take welded gabion mesh into your account for your next landscaping project? If your answer is yes, contact us directly for further communication.