Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh for Making a Fence

Galvanized welded wire mesh fence has a double layer welded mesh with 4 mm horizontal and 6 mm vertical wires (horizontal wires to be on attack side) up to 2.34 m high from ground level and then single layer of same specification up to 3.6 m. Fence should be 300 mm below ground. Components/material specifications and installation of this fence shall comply with BS 1722 Part 14 Category 4 or equivalent.

  • Galvanized welded wire mesh.
    • Length of perimeter: 2.500 m.
    • Fence width: 3.3 m.
    • Fence height: 3.6 m (double layer up to 2.34 m, single layer to 1.26 m).
  • Barbed tape concertina.
    • Length of perimeter: 2500 m.
    • Height: 980 mm with 7 clips per spiral and short blades at 25 mm centers.
    • Additional information: density of BTC when deployed shall not exceed 200 mm between adjacent centers and coil shall be wired to line wire at each point of contact.
Many sheets of galvanized welded wire mesh in single layer for making the fence.
Galvanized welded wire mesh for making the fence.