Welded mesh fence panel

Welded mesh fencing panel is widely used in constructions and building fields for the mesh solid and the other characteristics. We can provide different types and sizes of welded mesh fencing panel and the fence post.

Welded mesh fence panel specifications:

  • Mesh size: 12.5mm × 100mm;
  • Mesh wire: 3.5mm;
  • Panel size: 2.4m;
  • Height (above the concrete beams) × 3.4m;
  • Surface treatment: Galvanized and PVC coated.

Welded mesh fence panel post specifications:

  • Post diameter line: 73mm, thickness: 5.1mm;
  • Post diameter corner, end & starting: 73mm, thickness 5.1mm;
  • Brace post length: 3000mm;
  • Brace post diameter: 60mm, thickness 3.9;
  • Weld shear strength according ASTM.

Special specifications can be required.