3D Panel

A vertical 3D panel with welded wire mesh outside and foaming polystyrene inside.

3DP-01: 3D panel features high tensile strength and easy installation.

3D panel, a new wire mesh product, is mainly used in construction. High tensile and easy installation make 3d wire mesh panels become very popular according to our construction customers both at home and abroad.

3d panel, also called double layer welded wire panel, joins two pieces of welded wire panel together through welding method. The side panel mesh is commonly 2" opening with 11 or 12 gauge wire, surface with galvanized wire panel or hot dip galvanized wire panel. Inserted EPS size is 2", 2.5" and 4".

Components of the installed panel include:

  • Foam core for insulation.
  • Wire mesh on inside and outside.
  • Welded truss of wire cross pieces.
  • Sprayed concrete on both sides ("shotcrete").

Benefits of 3D Panel: Thermal Insulation, Fireproofing, Moisture proofing, Soundproofing, Lightweight, Economical Efficiency, Shortening of Construction Time.

3D panel uses: These panels are 4 feet wide and come in almost any length. They can be used for the walls, roof, floor, and so on.

A 3D panel is horizontally placed on the ground.

3DP-02: 3D panel used in construction can save time.

Two stacks of 3D panels are beside a building which is under construction.

3DP-03: 3D panel is used in constructing buildings.

A computer simulation diagram of 3D panel is on the white background.

3DP-04: Computer simulation diagram of 3D panel.

A welded wire mesh machine which used for producing 3D panel is standing in the factory.

3DP-05: 3D panel machine.

We also supply zinc plated mesh panels used for 3d panels:

  • Wire Diameter: 3.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 2.5 mm, 2.0 mm.
  • The points of mesh crossing is welded firmly and the edges are perfect in order not to have injuries when working with them.
  • 20, 25 or 30 panels per package, the end of the packaging is on a pallet.

The most popular sizes:

  • 3D wire mesh panels 2", 2.5" and 4" welded mesh with polyurethane core.
  • 2 inch opening with 11 gauge wire, surface with galvanized wire panel, and inserted EPS size is 2 inch.
  • 3D extra reinforcement welded mesh panels used as a floor or roof.


Two sheets of welded wire mesh are in outside and triangular shape rod are inside.

3D wire panel benefits

3D panel is one type welded mesh panel. 3D wire panel mainly used in construction. 3D wire panel can be used as wire wall material. 3D wire panel with high tensile and easy use are very popular.

A corner of 3D panel with foamed polystyrene insulating layer is placed on the ground.

3D panel structure and construction

3D panel wall structure is enough strong. The 3D panel wall system construction is used for more than second floor building, the construction procedure is assemble the lower part wall.