Welding Bird Cages

A blue cylinder shape welding bird cage with flat bottom and hook shaped handle.

WBC-01: Welding bird cage with flat form, uniform opening and beautiful outlook.

We can serve variety of live animal traps for the majority of customers. Include bird cage, dog cage, and the other animal cages. You definitely want to find a comfortable environment for your pet. We can design the cage according to the pet feather or size even feeding.

Bird cages made of welded wire have flat form, uniform opening and beautiful outlook. It is used for fencing birds and small animals, etc.

Welding Wire bird cages Materials:

Sizes and treatment:

According to your specific requirements.

Can provide three ranges sizes:

  • Small size (inch): 18" L × 24" W × 18" H.
  • Medium size: Medium sized birds need cages that are a very minimum of 24" L × 24" W × 24" H with bar spacing between 0.5" to 0.75".
  • Large size: Minimum birdcage size of 36" L × 36" W × 48" H with 1" to 1.5" spacing between the bars.

Notes: L-length, W-width, H-high.

A black welded wire mesh cage with bottom pan and universal wheel beside the green plants.

WBC-02: Welded wire mesh cage can be used for your small pets.

A stainless steel welded wire mesh cage with opening side door and top door.

WBC-03: Welded wire mesh cage with opening side door and top door is easy for users using.

Black painting welded mesh with metal frame as large bird house and green plant is on the mesh

WBC-04: Black painting welded mesh as large bird cage and the mesh size can be customized.

Welded mesh with metal frame as animals house and green plants are inside and outside the cage.

WBC-05: Welded mesh with green plants provide animals comfortable environment.

The most popular products and specifications

  • An enclosure safe for birds made from coated wire. 72" long, 24" wide, 72" high, with 2 large doors on front side.
  • Bird cage for cockatiel, the floor and top size of 3 ft. square with the side panels 6 ft. tall. A door on one side and near the bottom.
  • Welded wire parrot cage for large parrot. Its benefit is that parrot can not keep taking the screws out of its cage.
  • Medium bird cage in all stainless steel – outdoor bird enclosures.
  • 10 gauge stainless steel wire mesh panels 1-1/2" × 3" and 1-1/2" × 4" for building flight aviary 10' W × 12' L × 7' H.
  • 36" × 84" welded wire panels made from 12 gauge 1" mesh for bird cage materials.
  • 7 ft. tall 5 ft. wide galvanized steel light weight panels for making large portable aviaries, and 3 ft. wide by 6 ft. tall panels for doors of the bird enclosure.