Welded Mesh as Engineering Materials

Welded mesh panels are important engineering material in foundation buildings and various engineering projects. They can reinforce the foundation and make the buildings stable and durable.

There are kinds of welded mesh construction materials, which have different materials and specifications.

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A computer simulation diagram of floor heating mesh is on the white background.

Floor Heating Mesh

Floor heating mesh is the welded wire mesh panel used in floors for heating. For less inquiry, iron welded wire mesh is widely used in building floors for heating.

The ladder mesh reinforcement is between two bricks.

Masonry Wall Reinforced Mesh

Various types masonry wall reinforced mesh with firm welding spots, corrosion resistance and good elasticity, is used in wall reinforcement construction.

A stack of reinforcing mesh is packed with metal belt in workshop.

Reinforcing Mesh

Reinforcing mesh is heavy type welded wire mesh used for reinforcement of concrete. It is manufactured with black annealed wire or low carbon steel wire for high tensile.