Fill Hangers – Providing Strong Fill Support & Reduced Fill Failure

Cooling tower PVC fills are perfectly placed onto the fill hangers.

Fill hangers

Fill hangers, also known as fill hanger grids, are proven to be a high-performance product in the cooling tower industry that is designed to deliver longer cooling tower life and virtually eliminate fill support failure. It is generally used to support cooling fills in cross flow cooling towers to extend the service life and effectiveness of cooling fills. Constructed from wire mesh, our fill hangers are precisely welded wire with uniform opening and are specially designed to withstand bio-film, corrosion, bacteria and destructive cycles of concentration that result in the degradation of cooling towers.

We supply fill hangers in a wide variety of sizes in both square and rectangular openings, with many popular sizes available from stock. Besides, custom fill hangers may be made to order.

Surface treatment:

Our fill hangers are available in two finishes: galvanized after welded (GAW)with a PVC coating and stainless steel material.

The galvanized after welding PVC coated fill hangers are produced from hard-drawn steel and is hot dipped galvanized to conform to ASTM standards. The PVC coating is a durable, flexible, fuse-bonded coating formulated to enhance effective heat transfer in evaporative cooling systems. Generally, the PVC coating is provided in black. The stainless steel fill hangers are generally constructed from 304, 304L or 316 stainless steel to ensure unparalleled strength and service life.

Fill hangers in galvanized after welded with a black PVC coating finish

Galvanized after welded with a PVC coating

Fill hangers in stainless steel finish

Stainless steel


Welded mesh with square opening

Square opening

Welded mesh with rectangular opening

Rectangular opening


  • Finishes: galvanized after welded with PVC coating; stainless steel
  • Patterns: square, rectangular
  • PVC color: black
Wire Size Panel Size PVC coated/Galvanized Stainless Steel
Spacing of Vertical Wires Spacing of Horizontal Wires Gauge of Wire Width × Length Wire Diameter Approx.Weight Per 100ft2 (lbs) Wire diameter Approx.Weight Per 100ft2 (lbs)
4" 4" 14 3' × 6' 2 mm 14 2 mm 11
4" 8" 14 4' × 8' 2 mm 11 2 mm 8.33
The sizes listed are those most commonly manufactured. Custom mesh sizes are available upon request. All weights are approximate.


Stainless steel fill hangers are well packed and placed on the ground.
The picture shows the opening details of stainless steel fill hangers.
Stainless steel fill hangers are packed and stored in the warehouse.