Available Welded Mesh Products

A galvanized wire mesh decking is installed on an orange metal support.

Wire Mesh Decking

Wire mesh decking is well known for its overhead sprinklers operate effectively and other features. It is made in many materials, sizes and types for your choose.

Welded mesh with metal frame as animals house and green plants are inside and outside the cage.

Welding Bird Cages

Welding bird cage is the most popular cage of birds. We can provide different materials and specifications of the welded wire bird cages according to your requirement.

A wire shopping basket with blue PVC handles on the white background.

Wire Shopping Baskets

Wire shopping baskets with excellent strength and durable life are best used in supermarkets, stores and independent retail stores.

A three-tiered wire shelving is on a white background.

Wire Shelving

Wire shelving, made of galvanized steel or stainless steel, has high load capacity to be used for commercial, industrial and household use.

A climber is growing along the climber trellis mesh.

Ecological Mesh & Climber Trellis Mesh

Ecological mesh and climber trellis mesh are two innovated and ecological solutions to private and commercial climbers for wall or decoration.

A dog is sitting on the black plastic pan and looking outside in the animal cage.

Animal Cages & Traps

Animal cages are mainly used for raising and training cats or dogs, animal traps are widely used for catching raccoon, foxes, hares and some other animals.

A white welded wire shelf is divided into four parts and each part is full of things.

Welded Wire Shelve

Welded wire shelve is mainly used in storage racking. It has specific approach, finishes, sides, and some of the accessories for customers to choose.

A six-tiered wire cart is on a white background.

Wire Cart

Wire cart is a simple, rugged design and it can provides ample storage space.

Several wire closet shelving in the closet.

Wire Closet Shelving

We are wire closet shelving factory to supply pallets or container of wire closet shelving for agents and online shops to reduce cost and occupy markets.