Safety Machine Guard with Anti-Corrosion, High Security and Visibility

With the development of modern machinery, automation equipment can easily cause harm in industrial companies. Safety machine guard is a device that prevents any part of the body from entering the danger area of the machine and touching various moving parts. It not only protects workers from injuring of flying debris and splattering liquids, but also prevents the machinery from damaging.

Safety machine guard is mostly made of stainless steel or carbon steel. It can be welded directly to the machine or used as fencing around the machine. With the performances of anti-rust and anti-corrosion, there will not be any problem even if the safety machine guards are exposed to water or corrosive liquids. In addition, the mesh structure of safety machine guard will not effect the operator's vision. So it can be used for many kinds of equipment in factories and processing centers.

Several PVC coating yellow safety machine guards are welded to the machine.

SMG-01: Safety machine guards are welded to machine.

Black machine guards and orange posts are used as fencing in an factory.

SMG-02: Safety machine guard is used as fencing.

Except for the welded wire mesh safety machine guard, we also offer perforated metal mesh or expanded metal mesh safety machine guards. And we can provide you with the addition warning signs according to your requirements.

  • Material:
    stainless steel, carbon steel.
  • Surface treatment:
    galvanized, PVC coating.
  • Wire diameter:
    3.0–6.0 mm.
  • Mesh size (mm):
    50 × 50, 50 × 150, 50 × 200, 75 × 75, 75 × 150.
  • Color:
    yellow, blue, green, red, black.
  • Customization:
    Safety machine guard can be customized according to the shape and dimension of machine.
  • Standard:
    • SS EN 953
    • CSA Z432
    • ISO 14120
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  • High strength, not easy to deform, and it can withstand the impact of flying parts.
  • High security. It can protect the staff from injuring.
  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion. It can be often exposed to water or corrosive liquids.
  • Mesh structure has high visibility, this will not affect the operator's vision.
  • Machine protection. Preventing the entrance of debris and sharp things from damaging the machine.


  • Remember to regularly inspect the safety machine guard to ensure that all machines have suitable machine guards.
  • Making safety training for staff, the workers should fully understand the importance of safety machine guard.
  • If the safety machine guard is broken or damaged, it is best to replace rather than repair, because the structural integrity of the safety machine guard may be compromised.


Welded wire safety machine guard is widely used for many kinds of equipment in factories and processing centers, such as:

  • CNC machine tool.
  • Saws.
  • Planer.
  • Electric machinery.
  • Grinder.
  • Engraving machine.
  • Lathe.
  • Milling machine.
  • Slicer.
Yellow safety machine guard is wrapping the exposed end of three pipelines.

SMG-03: Safety machine guard is used for pipeline.

Safety machine guard is completely covered a machine with three hosts in a factory.

SMG-04: Safety machine guard is used in factory for protecting the staff’s safety.

Silver safety machine guards with warning sign are used as fencing.

SMG-05: Safety machine guard with warning sign.

Yellow safety machine guard on the one side of CNC bending machine.

SMG-06: Safety machine guard on CNC bending machine