Welded Wire Shelve

Welded Wire Shelve is based on application welded wire mesh, which is widely used in many fields. Wire mesh shelving system can be designed to evolve smoothly to keep pace with continually changing needs. Made from galvanized welded wire mesh or plastic coated welded wire mesh.

  • Using:
    It allows users to combine regular shelving with bulk storage racking, to expand sideways and upwards and to add accessories.
  • Finishes:
    Electro galvanized or Hot-dipped zinc coated.
  • Feature:
    Wire mesh shelves are made of welded wire panels offering a certain place to store documents, articles or as display shelves for samples, catalogs, etc.
  • Sizes:
    To be made according to your specific requirements.
Many square black welded wire mesh with installing accessories.

WWS-01: The size of welded wire mesh can be customized.

A white welded wire shelf is divided into four parts and each part is full of things.

WWS-02: White wire mesh decking with four sections.

A restaurant trolley is divided into three sections and each section is full of restaurant devices.

WWS-03: Welded wire shelves can be used for making restaurant trolleys.

  • Treatment
  • Top shelf:
    The top shelf is a greet way to cap the unit and prevent merchandise from falling behind it.
  • Flat top:
    It is building block of basic wire weld displays. It finishes the top of your perimeter or floor units, as well as any required elevation.
  • Lip shelves:
    The lip shelf creates an angled surface ideal for displaying anything from shoes to magazines to place mats.

The shelves Accessories

You can learn more about the shelve accessories. And like our shelving components, they also easy to assemble: valance band, kick base, side base, dividers, masonite doors or door kits, plastic end caps, gable bracket, faux lip shelf.

A corner of welded wire shelf is supported by heavy-duty posts.

WWS-04: Heavy-duty posts for installing welded wire shelf.

A layer of welded wire shelf with smooth surface and uniform mesh openings.

WWS-05: Galvanized welded wire mesh shelf.

A corner of welded wire mesh shelf with bottom universal wheel.

WWS-06: Welded wire shelf with universal wheel can be easily moved.

Many black post sleeves are placed in white plastic bag.

WWS-07: Post sleeves for installing on the post of welded wire shelf.

Many sheets of stainless steel welded wire mesh shelves are packed with baling strip and placed on carton.

WWS-08: Many uninstalled stainless steel welded wire mesh shelves.