Wire Mesh Decking

Wire Mesh Decking is deep-processing product of welded wire panel, it is widely used in many fields. It makes ideal choice when air circulation and light penetration are required. Wire decking also allows water to flow in the event a sprinkler system is activated.

Wire Decking is made of hard drawn carbon steel wire and steel plates in various length, width, height and layers.

Wire Decking Sizes Available:

36" × 46", 36" × 52", 42" × 46", 42" × 52", 44" × 46", 44" × 52", 48" × 46", 48" × 52".

Wire Mesh Decking Features:

  • Overhead sprinklers operate effectively.
  • A reduction in fire insurance premiums.
  • Reusable trip after trip.
  • Stay clean because dirt cannot build up on wire grid.
  • Lighter in weight and easy to handle.
  • Will not rot or splinter and have no nails.
A galvanized wire mesh decking is installed on an orange metal support.

WMD-01: Heavy duty galvanized wire mesh decking.

Many sheets of stainless steel wire mesh decking and every sheet has a shovel shaped support.

WMD-02: Wire mesh decking with shovel shaped support.

A corner of wire mesh decking with uniform mesh openings.

WMD-03: Wire mesh decking with uniform mesh openings.

A gray powder coated wire mesh is installed on an orange support.

WMD-04: The color of wire mesh decking can be coated according to customers' requirements.

Wire Decking Types:

We have solid decking, particle board decking, ribbed decking and wire decking while wire mesh decking is made hard drawn carbon steel wire and steel plates welded together.

Our factory can offer heavy duty waterfall decking made of heavy type welded wire mesh reinforced for additional strength.

A sheet of gray uninstalled wire mesh decking with rectangular holes and smooth surface.

WMD-05: A sheet of uninstalled wire mesh decking.

Many stacks of uninstalled wire mesh decking placed on the wooden pallet are in workshop.

WMD-06: Uninstalled wire mesh decking are in workshop.

Many installed wire mesh decking are placed in workshop.

WMD-07: Installed wire mesh are in workshop.

The most popular products and specifications

  • 3" or 4" × 6' stainless mesh panels to use in a deck railing system.
  • Deck enclosure size 25ft. × 20ft. × 25ft., use panels 36" or 42" tall and in 5' or 10' lengths.
  • 3' × 6' panels to be used within a wooden frame for a deck fence.
  • Wire mesh decking 60" × 60" with 3 or 4 inch over bend on the ends, as a guard to fit over sky lights.
  • Wire decks panels used for stainless 1/4" cable deck railings.
  • Wire decks 47-1/2" wide × 22-7/8" deep for shelving.
  • 4" × 4" square; 3' × 6' wire decking panels for elevated deck in rail system.