BRC Fence Has Folding Edge, High Security, Beautiful Appearance

This is a green BRC fence with PVC coating.

BF-1: PVC coating BRC fence.

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BRC fence, also called roll top fence, is a specially designed welded wire fence products. It is constructed from high tensile strength steel wires, which can maintain its original shape and strength without being destroyed. Compared with normal welded wire fence, BRC fence has a unique rolled section at the top and bottom. This structure can not only can enhance the anti-climbing performance and security, but also enhance the beauty. With excellent see-through visibility, it has been widely used in school, community and other public and private places. It is no need to have any worries about its maintenance, because galvanized or powder coated BRC fence will not be corroded and rusted easily. In addition, we have different colors BRC fences for customers’ choice.

  • Specification
  • Material
    low carbon steel wire.
  • Surface treatment
    hot-dipped galvanized or powder coating.
  • Wire diameter
    4/4.5/5/6 mm.
  • Opening size
    50 × 150 mm, 75 × 300 mm, 75 × 200 mm.
  • Height
    900 to 2400 mm.
  • Width
    1500 to 3000 mm.
  • Color
    white, red, green, yellow and so on.
BRC Fence Specifications
Items Height (mm) Width (mm) Opening sizes (mm) Wire diameter (mm)
FA-900 900 2200 or 2400 50 × 150 5
FA-1200 1200 2200 or 2400 5
FA-1500 1500 2200 or 2400 5
FA-1800 1800 2200 or 2400 5
FA-2100 2100 2200 or 2400 5
FA-2400 2400 2200 or 2400 5
FB-900 900 2250 or 2400 75 × 200
75 × 300
5 or 6
FB-1200 1200 2250 or 2400 5 or 6
FB-1500 1500 2250 or 2400 5 or 6
FB-1800 1800 2250 or 2400 5 or 6
FB-2100 2100 2250 or 2400 5 or 6
FB-2400 2400 2250 or 2400 5 or 6
Note: Other specifications can also be customized.


  • High strength, high security.
  • Corrosion resistance, rust and wear resistance.
  • Folding edge can further enhance security.
  • The coating will not peel off although under sun exposure.
  • Excellent see through visibility.
  • Beautiful appearance.
  • All components are included, easy to install.
  • Less or free maintenance, long service life.


BRC fence is widely used in the following public and private areas:

  • Community.
  • School.
  • Garden.
  • Park.
  • Square.
  • Hospital.
  • Amusement park.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Parking lot.
  • Roadside.
  • Airport.
  • Bridge.
  • Train station.
  • Farmland.
  • Stadium.
  • Playground.
There are many BRC fences with various colors in the community.

BF-2: We have a variety of different color BRC fences.

There is a beautiful garden with PVC coating BRC fence surrounding.

BF-3: PVC coating BRC fence used to protect garden.

The white BRC fence is installed in school periphery.

BF-4: White BRC fence used in school.

The beautiful community is surrounded by BRC fence.

BF-5: BRC fence can be installed around community.

A truck is passing through the highway that has BRC fence in roadside.

BF-6: BRC fence installed in roadside.

The BRC fence is installed in amusement park to protect children can play safety.

BF-7: BRC fence used in amusement park.

This is a beautiful park with green PVC coating BRC fence.

BF-8: PVC coating BRC fence installed in park.

The black BRC fence is installed behind swimming pool.

BF-9: Black BRC fence used behind swimming pool.

The BRC fence is installed in both sides of bridge.

BF-10: BRC fence installed in bridge.

This is a huge farmland with BRC fence installed in it.

BF-11: BRC fence is used in farmland.

The PVC coating BRC fence is installed in a outdoor playground.

BF-12: PVC coating BRC fence is installed in playground.

There are many cars in parking lot that has white BRC fence.

BF-13: White BRC fence can be used in parking lot.